How To Find The Right Company To Execute A 1031 Exchange

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For most of us, accumulating wealth is an ongoing challenge. Taxes tear into earnings. Inflation eats away at the true value of savings. Investing typically is used as a hedge against the latter. Investing in real estate using a 1031-exchange exchange is a way to address the former. A 1031 exchange lets you sell an investment property and defer capital gains taxes if you make a subsequent property investment that complies with the IRS Section 1031 rules. The goal is to accumulate more wealth over time, as your initial investment amounts are larger because there’s no immediate tax bite on your capital gains.

Not all 1031 exchange opportunities are equal, however. Due diligence is required to determine the best 1031 exchange options and the best 1031 exchange companies. 

What to Look For

Some companies specialize in 1031 exchanges. Banks and other financial institutions also may deal in 1031 exchanges among their multitudes of services. (It’s fair to question their expertise when they’re managing so many different financial matters.) So how is a real estate investor to determine the top 1031 exchange companies? A number of factors can go into your evaluation process, but start with some no-brainers: You’re looking for trustworthiness, experience and a track record of success.

  • Trustworthiness. You’re putting your investment in someone else’s hands, so be wary. If transparency regarding any facet of the investment is in question, look elsewhere.
  • Experience. Mistakes happen and investments can go south when novices don’t understand the market forces that drive real estate appreciation.
  • Success rate. Peace of mind comes only with solid, convincing evidence that your 1031 exchange company of choice has a track record of properly executing these sometimes-tricky transactions.

The best 1031 exchange companies also are bonded and insured and offer outstanding customer service.

Explore the Best 1031 Exchange Options With Us

At Precision Global Corporation, we believe there are a few more factors to consider when choosing the right company to execute a 1031 exchange. For instance, we form partnerships with investors. This provides built-in motivation to not just succeed for you but to achieve exceptional results for our own interests.

Whether you’re a savvy investor or a novice, you may also decide which 1031 exchange company is best for you based on the types of opportunities offered. To that end, extensive demographic research demonstrated to us that investments in senior housing and care facilities represent great opportunities right now. Further, we aim to minimize risk by operating most of the projects in which we are involved. Our oversight of operations provides cost controls that further increase our likelihood of success.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

With our senior housing project in Tallahassee, Florida doing very well and more new developments in the works in several other states, we are confident that you will find Precision Global Corporation to be among the top 1031 exchange companies in the industry. To learn more about specific real estate investment opportunities or for general information about 1031 exchange rules and processes, contact us

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